Kohler Courage 19 Starter 20 098 11-S OEM

20 098 11-S-A


Kohler Courage 19 Starter

We have the Kohler Courage 19 Starter you are looking for! This component is totally designed for Kohler Engines. The way this pieces are made is focusing on provide a very long useful life. Order now this original part at an excellent price with fast shipping. Keep your machine at its top perfomance.

All of this Kohler Starter go through rigorous testing. In which they are tested to meet the brand's standard. The product does not include batteries and doesn't need any. It has a shipping weight of 4.8 pounds. Its dimensions are 5 x 3.5 x 8. Also its color is black. This is a part that guarantees longevity and should not cause any major concern.

This part is for specific Courage engines, one of which is SV590 If you’re having doubts about this component. Check the Kohler Courage 19 Starter Where Used list. You can also check the supersedes guide down below. This Kohler Starter replace some prior models. Need help? Our customer service will be glad to give you advice. Visit our Contact Section and clear all your doubts.

Kohler Courage 19 HP Starter

Part #: 20 098 11-S

Where Used: SV590,SV591

This part replace: 20 098 10-S

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