Kohler 7000 Series Oil Filter 52 050 02-S OEM

52 050 02-S-A


Kohler 7000 Series Oil Filter

We have the Kohler 7000 Series Oil Filter you are looking for! The Kohler pieces are designed to keep on top perfomance your machine's hard work engines. This Oil Filter will maintain your engine safe of any harmful particles in the oil. Order now the OEM at an excellent price with fast shipping.

This piece is a premium kohler oil filter. That means that has extra capacity. The color of this oil filter is yellow. Its height is about 3-1/8 inches. 3 inches of external diameter and 2-13/16 for the seal. It also has an anti-drain back valve and a pressure relief of 8-11 PSI. Its recommended to follow the instructions for the installation. You can find them on the filter. use work gloves and clean oil to install.

The part is for specific 7000 series engines, one of which is KT740. If you’re having doubts about this component. Check the Kohler 7000 Series Oil Filter Where Used list. The piece works to replace prior models. Please take a look of the superseded list down below. Kohler oil filter are compatible with a large list of engines.

Need help? You will receive great advice from our customer service. Visit our Contact Section and clear all your doubts. In case this is not the piece needed. Check the complete Kohler Oil Filter Catalog to find the piece you want.

Kohler 7000 Series Oil Filter part number: 52 050 02-S

This part replaces: 12 050 08-A, 25 050 25-S, 25 050 27-S, 25 050 34-S, 52 050 02

Where Used: PCH740, KT715, KT725, KT730, KT735, KT740, KT745

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